Coffee Club Divas is a professional women’s networking group based in Erie, PA. The first Coffee Club Diva Erie networking meeting, held in 2011, was attended by 20 women. Since then our membership has grown to 200+ professionals, and we now offer networking and educational opportunities worldwide. We are a diverse and dynamic group of women, including entrepreneurs, business owners, and corporate professionals.


We EMPOWER women to make professional connections, boldly pursue personal and business goals, gain networking skills and business training. Our mission is to EDUCATE and INSPIRE women to succeed in all aspects of life!


Because time is a precious commodity for each of us, the Coffee Club Diva networking schedule is created to fit a modern woman’s lifestyle. We host at least one event per month including breakfast meetings, lunch, happy hours, weekend workshops and even online events! Also, you have access to the many different networking events, vendor fairs, and educational seminars that are offered by our members. View our upcoming networking events and classes.


Our networking events are held in many different locations and venues including private clubs, restaurants, hotels, and coffee houses. Often, one of our divas will “Host” an event at her home or place of business. We also are expanding our group by having more virtual events so that they are convenient for YOU!


Attend a networking event, workshop or certification class to be inspired and connect with other Divas. The Diva networking events are motivational and, quite frankly, addicting!

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