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We are professional women who encourage one another to achieve whatever the heart and mind desires. So, relax and enjoy the journey. Personal enrichment, professional growth and priceless friendships await you!

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2. Complete the enrollment and pay the $297.00 membership fee. For $297.00 per year, this includes a listing on our website directory highlighting your business, it includes networking at any or all of our events, you will be able to promote and market your business on our private facebook page and enjoy the many diva discounts and educational seminars that come along with membership.

3. The next step is a mini session with The Queen! This can be done in person “over coffee” or via phone, skype or facetime. You will learn the policies and procedures of our group, networking etiquette, and the fine art of having a coffee date.

4. Then you will receive your crown and Diva membership card. We ask that you wear your crown and take a fabulous (and fun) photo of yourself to share with the Coffee Club Divas.

5. Next, we invite you to join our private Facebook page. This is where you can introduce yourself, your website and your Facebook business page. The majority of our communications happen on our Facebook page. We support Diva businesses and share information within the group membership. So hurry up and join us! We’re waiting for you!

The Perks of Being a Diva!
When you join the Coffee Club Divas, the biggest perk is growing your business! For more exciting perks of being a Diva, click below!

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