Upcoming Networking

  • Divas Rock Summer School at the Schoolhouse!!!
    • August 10, 2018
      10:00 am - 12:00 pm

    Our DIVA hostess, Gail Root is the owner of The Schoolhouse and also has a business called plant-based wellness. Come tour this local treasure, a 120-year-old historic…

  • Royal Anniversary Tea
    • September 23, 2018
      1:00 pm - 3:30 pm

    Five divas reveal how they achieved inner peace and happiness, offering inspiration to women struggling to redefine their lives.

What the Divas say...

"Heidi talks the talk and walks the walk..." ~ Joellen Trexler

"...experience with Heidi Parr Kerner is life changing!" ~ Janet Kassir

"She had the belief in me, before I had it in myself..." ~ Marian Taylor


Learn the unique CCD method of networking and begin to generate new business as quickly as possible!
  • The Coffee Club Divas (CCD) is a membership organization with close to
    200 members
  • We connect like-minded women and provide monthly events in professional settings
  • We provide support through monthly networking events, individual coaching sessions, group seminars and workshops.
  • The members have events and business opportunities for you to take part in (3-4 per month)
  • We educate on professional topics such as sales, marketing, and networking and public speaking
  • Mentorship programs are available and encouraged
  • We empower women through personal development such as confidence, dress and life -balance, to help you achieve your goals!
  • We encourage you to host an event for more visibility for your business
  • Included in membership is an “educational webinar” on our policies/procedures as well as we train you in proper professional networking etiquette.
  • Advertising opportunities including website listings, spotlight interviews, guest blogging and speaking to support you with your marketing efforts
  • Support by members for your charity and advocacy
  • Local meetings and virtual networking and webinars available for convenience
  • Each meeting you have an opportunity to share your business message/commercial
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