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  • Divas Downtown Annual Holiday Party
    • December 5, 2018
      5:30 pm - 9:30 pm

    Join your fellow divas and bring a date for a ROCKING Good time! FUN! FRIENDS! FOOD! There will be a limited menu of fun and…

What the Divas say...

"Heidi talks the talk and walks the walk..." ~ Joellen Trexler

"...experience with Heidi Parr Kerner is life changing!" ~ Janet Kassir

"She had the belief in me, before I had it in myself..." ~ Marian Taylor


Learn the unique CCD method of networking and begin to generate new business as quickly as possible!
  • The Coffee Club Divas (CCD) is a membership organization with close to
    200 members
  • We connect like-minded women and provide monthly events in professional settings
  • We provide support through monthly networking events, individual coaching sessions, group seminars and workshops.
  • The members have events and business opportunities for you to take part in (3-4 per month)
  • We educate on professional topics such as sales, marketing, and networking and public speaking
  • Mentorship programs are available and encouraged
  • We empower women through personal development such as confidence, dress and life -balance, to help you achieve your goals!
  • We encourage you to host an event for more visibility for your business
  • Included in membership is an “educational webinar” on our policies/procedures as well as we train you in proper professional networking etiquette.
  • Advertising opportunities including website listings, spotlight interviews, guest blogging and speaking to support you with your marketing efforts
  • Support by members for your charity and advocacy
  • Local meetings and virtual networking and webinars available for convenience
  • Each meeting you have an opportunity to share your business message/commercial
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