Bonnie Zehentner

Classical Feng Shui Consultant BFA. BSN, RN , Licensed Brain Gym Instructor
Work Phone: 814-795-5573 Website:


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Classical Feng Shui: Enrich Your Relationships, Well-Being, and Prosperity!
Scientifically based method not found in books. Based on architectural design, physics, astronomy, and
the environment. It effects everyone on the planet! Harness the Power of Classical Feng Shui to
Enhance Your Life!

Brain Gym®: Maximize Your Brain Power by creating new neural connections in the brain through
specific movements, techniques, and goals. Utilized in more than 80 countries world wide in business,
educational settings, sports, and more. Create Heightened Joy and Enhanced Performance, by utilizing
Brain Gym®, to move from challenge to a state of ease.
Health & Well-Being: Kinesiology techniques. Addresses stress relief, beliefs, geopathic stress
reduction, and more! 814-795-5573
Bonnie Zehentner, BFA, BSN, RN, Licensed Brain Gym Instructor/Consultant

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