Donika Gunther

Mindfulness with a Purpose


Photo of Donika Gunther

The mindful Donika Gunther is the Coffee Club Diva Spotlight.  She is a motivational and international speaker and a life coach.

Donika’s heart and Intuition have always directed her to take courageous steps, get out of her comfort zone, and follow her dreams and life journey with confidence, gratitude, and purpose.

Donika opened her practice called “Mindfulness with a Purpose” because she wanted to empower other women locally and globally to build confidence, self-love, a positive mindset, and life purpose.  She is able to help her clients by improving their health, well-being, happiness, and success.

Donika believes that by working daily on your gifts, your life story, practicing positivity, and gratitude you are helping not only your community but you are planting a healthy seed for our future generations to come.

As an international speaker, Donika is passionate about using her life experiences and overcoming obstacles as a woman, single mother, and immigrant woman to build a bridge that connects and expands her services, not only to the community but for the global audience.

“Beautiful stories come from your heart and soul.  The reason we have a story is to share with each other and change the world.”  “I want to make a difference in the world.  I serve my clients with love and dedication, compassion and kindness, honesty and purpose.” ~Donika Gunther




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