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I was living stuck – stuck in overwhelm. Waking up with worry and racing thoughts. Secretly thinking that God’s promises of freedom, joy, and peace were saved for the monks and supergiants of faith certainly not for me. What a lie!


God created you with dreams, passions, purpose, and desires. He created you to overcome fear.

But He didn’t create us to figure it out alone.


We have brought our services under one roof, Called To Awaken.  Our mission is to help women AWAKEN to their best life – the life God is calling them to live!


We offer:

  1. Awaken physically and emotionally with Safe and Science Proven hemp products (
  2. Coaching for Business, Personal, and Group – Awakening to the life God is calling you to live! Single, Package, Mini-Course and Challenges.
  3. Education, book us to speak at one of your upcoming events:
    1. “ABC’s of CBD and Hemp”
    2. “Hemp Makes You Healthy not High”
    3. “Six Steps to Transformation”:
      1. Results: deepen faith, increase the ability to hear from God, gain clarity and focus, increase the ability to make decisions for your best, awake with joy not dread, increase the ability to be present for yourself and those you love, gain the ability to rest while being more productive.


One day I heard God’s voice, “Gail I created you with purpose, passion, dreams and desires, plans for you to live an amazing life (and then in a sad whisper) – you are missing it…”. That took my breath away and I made a decision then and there.


My prayer is that you will hear God’s call and AWAKEN to this AMAZING life of freedom, joy, peace, and purpose!  Come join me…  I’ll be praying for you until you say Yes!





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