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You find the craft project you want to make. You get into your car, fight traffic to the mall, go into the craft store, and then peruse aisle after aisle, trying to locate the components you need for your project. Then, you find that it comes in a package of 8 when you only need one! You make your purchase and drive back home, ready to dive in…if not too tired!

HOW convenient would it be to have a PREMIUM, UPSCALE, all-inclusive DIY Crafts KIT delivered to your door every month. It contains clear instructions and video access to facilitate the project. Can you even begin to imagine a better gift for Kids 12+, Adults, for INDIVIDUALS who do not want to go out in the cold, snowy months, nor in the hot, steamy months? DIY Craft Kits are also good for groups such as Sr Citizen groups, Boy/Girl Scouts, Family Fun Night, or even a Happy Hour Craft party with your Diva friends!

DIY Crafts Kits are reasonably-priced, as we offer a DISCOUNT for multiple-month subscriptions. “LIKE” us on FaceBook and visit our webpage to get a better idea of KIT Projects.

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