Heidi Parr-Kerner

“Founder and Queen” of the Coffee Club Divas

Every girl dreams of being “The Queen” and Heidi Parr-Kerner made her dream come true…

Heidi’s reputation as

  • “The Diva Queen”
  • “The Queen of the Jungle”
  • “The Networking Queen”
  • “The Drama Queen “, but above all …
  • “The Queen of Self-Esteem”

has positioned her as a leader in the arena of Women’s Empowerment and Business Networking. Her coast-to-coast career spans 25+ years, and include roles as a licensed psychoanalyst, group facilitator, certified seminar leader, radio host, marketing consultant, and keynote speaker.

Networking is one of the primary tools Heidi uses to assist others in building confidence and creating professional success. Heidi established and subsequently sold, several successful network marketing groups in L.A. and PA. The Coffee Clubs Divas is the networking group that Heidi currently leads in her hometown of Erie, PA. Step inside any Coffee Club Diva event and you’ll witness the charismatic Heidi Parr-Kerner inspiring women to reach for confidence and clarity in their lives.

Heidi doesn’t preach theoretical hype, she “walks the walk and talks the talk!” She is the epitome of positive personal transformation! Heidi is a reformed introvert, and familiar with the debilitating fear of public speaking. Painfully shy, Heidi would hide at networking events to avoid interacting with other people. But through her degreed education and observing human behavior, Heidi transformed herself from a fading wallflower to the passionate self-esteem coach that she is today!

It was her role of psychoanalyst and group therapist that fostered a desire to help people become more confident in their personal and professional lives. Heidi has developed several seminars and programs, providing step-by-step guidance to assist others out of their comfort zones, live intentionally and boldly and confidently improve their business and personal lives.

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