(Please read carefully and initial below you have read)

Rules and regulations for those “certified divas” participating in the Coffee Club Divas Networking Organization,
Website and Private Facebook Page.


When you join the Coffee Club Divas group and site you understand that while events are organized through
the group, you are solely responsible for your own well-being and safety.


No-Shows and RSVP Rules
Only RSVP if you plan to attend.
Please give 24 hours notice if you
need to cancel.
If you have paid for a service or
workshop – there will be no refunds…
however an exchange or credit can
be used for future event (24 hour

FREE Events

If you do RSVP for an event and even
if it’s free and you can’t make it you
must cancel 24 hours ahead. Our
hosts go to great lengths and spend
time, money and energy on food,
room rentals and marketing materials.
Please be respectful of their efforts.
(if not canceled in time you may be
charged fee)

Unable to Attend

When you cannot attend a meeting
it may seem in “support” of a fellow
diva to share the reasons why you
can’t attend – however, it sets
up a stigma that your situation is
more important than their event. I
encourage you if you feel drawn to
comment to say something like:

• Next time
• Sounds Fabulous
• Have fun

No need to explain – also be careful
of taking this as an opportunity to “sell
yourself” for example:

“I can’t make the meeting because
I have a Tupperware party at my
house from 6-8pm and we still have
seats open.”

Guests Attending

We encourage you to bring guests as
that is how our membership will grow
and support YOU with more clients,
referrals and connections.
Guests are allowed to attend (1)
meeting then will be requested to
become a “certified diva” in order to
be committed to the Coffee Club Diva
Therefore quests do need to be
“approved” by the Queen with a
simple sending their name and email
or have them contact me directly!


A great way to “show off” your business is to host an event
at your place of work or to be a “speaker/sponsor” at one
of our events. This is a marketing opportunity where your
name will be listed on our website, facebook and sent out
on our newsletter.
You will have an opportunity within your talk to “sell your
services” as well as our host will encourage participants to
purchase your product or service.

This is a paid opportunity however, the host does not take
“funds” for the products sold. Also we have vendor tables
at our event if interested inquire about fee.
Contact the Coffee Club Divas office to discuss what’s
involved in hosting at your office space – or to be the


This is an opportunity for you to connect with other divas and build relationships. It’s okay to promote your service, product
or event

• (1-2 times a week only)
All posts need to be “approved” by The Queen before
they end up on site. If you have a “question”
regarding your post before sending to be approved,
please feel free to email to me first.
• We encourage you to have our members “like” your
business facebook so they can choose to follow your
blogs, daily tips inspirational daily messages, etc.
• Please note however, I only give “permission” to
events that are directly related to your Divas
businesses – or events that I am involved with
personally or am in collaboration with.
• I don’t post any unrelated networking, chamber, or
business events on the Diva page.
• Asking divas questions on the page for diva referrals or
help is fine.
• Regarding “tagging” please only tag other certified
divas on this closed facebook page. If you want to
refer other resources to your fellow divas please just
inbox them.
• Please keep posts about business, coffees, referrals,
testimonials and connections. Personal stories must be
shared on your own personal wall.
• The Coffee Club Diva name is a “brand” thus you
can invite divas to your events yet starting a
“group” within the Coffee Club Divas without
permission would be considered a conflict of interest.
• PLEASE consider checking the “What’s Happening”
tab on the Coffee Club Diva website FIRST before
planning your event. We are starting to see too many
back-to-back events which only dilutes these
meetings for everyone. Plus, I can’t promote any
events that are on top of our regularly scheduled
As an organization, those “official” meetings are
our most important, and I strive to hold each monthly
meeting at a new and different place while at the
same time supporting or members needs.

* I obviously want to support all of your events, but
please be considerate to both myself and the group as
a whole when planning your next event.
One Last Thought about Facebook:
Be careful of only JUMPING on board with our private page
or attending meetings when you need clients or to fill an
event – you set yourself up for disappointment. Relationships
take time – give yourself time to attend meetings, do your
coffees, follow up in a timely manner, give to others first,
and collaborate with other diva. THIS is the Coffee Club
Diva way!


Yes, despite all our sparkle and success, Divas aren’t
perfect and there are occasions when unprofessional
behavior must be addressed. It doesn’t happen often, but
when it does The Queen will enforce the following rules:


Positive, uplifting conversations are one of the hallmarks
of our organization. Gossip undermines our relationships
and damages the reputations of both parties. Any gossip,
regardless of topic or intended target, is unprofessional and
will not be tolerated. The Queen reserves the right to expel
any Diva violating this policy.


Lending support to other Diva businesses is what we do
each day, whether by referring people to a Diva business
or by personally buying Diva products or services. Divas
trust each other to give and receive the highest quality
product or service. When a product or service doesn’t live
up to its reputation, then that trust is shattered. On rare
occasions, I have received complaints about a Diva not
delivering a product or service as promised. After receiving
one complaint about a Diva, I will give a verbal warning
to the Diva in question and counsel her on remedying the
situation. After the second complaint, I will counsel the Diva
and ask her to relinquish her Coffee Club Diva membership.


As the Queen, I reserve the right to proclaim and determine that The Coffee Club Diva needs to be a “good fit” for the
group and that acceptance into our club is not automatic.
Also The Queen does have the right to “refuse and release” any Diva that is not upholding the integrity of the organization
which is to do business honestly and with integrity and to follow protocol outlined during Diva Certification.
In appreciation and to your success!
The Queen Diva

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