Janet Kassir “The Scarf Lady” is owner of Simply Scarves – Tie One On.  She has been a Diva for 6 years.

“The only way to describe my last 6 years of experience with Heidi Parr Kerner is life changing.  I have been shaped, molded, and rough edges smoothed out by welcoming her into my space.”  The influence being a Diva has had regarding my business is significant from the time I joined until now.  “Becoming a Certified Coffee Club Diva and participating in the Diamond Mastermind group has equipped me with the tools I needed so desperately to make my business succeed, grow, and prosper.”  Janet has watched her business not only increase, but also expand.  Through her involvement in the Coffee Club Divas, Simply Scarves- Tie One On is now an option for any woman to purchase the Simply Scarf Package and start their own business as a Simply Scarves Fashion Advisor. “My journey with Heidi Parr Kerner and the Coffee Club Divas has been the best thing for my business that could have ever happened.”

Marian Taylor is owner of Simple Solutions for Living.  She is a founding member of the Coffee Club Divas.
When Marian started in the Coffee Club Divas, she had no idea what her future would be, she didn’t know what her business would be, and wasn’t sure of which direction she should go.  “Heidi always knew what I needed before I did, she gave me the nudge I needed.  She had the belief in me, before I had it in myself.” Through all of the coaching and classes even after 4 years, Marian is still learning from Heidi.

“Even after hearing a class many times, there is always something I learn when I am around Heidi.  The Coffee Club Divas really helped me to achieve clarity on what my business was, where it was going, and what I was ultimately going to do.”  Over the past two years, Marian has watched her business explode to the point that she has needed to develop a team, and no longer needs to fear growth.  Marian does not advertise, all the business growth is due to word of mouth and the power of the Diva Network.

Safia Kassir Social Media Consultant. She has been a member of the Coffee Club Divas for 5 years.

I can truly say Heidi Parr Kerner personally, along with the members of the Coffee Club Divas has changed my life for good.  I have grown and learned immensely from being able to watch, listen, and work side by side the members in this group.  I feel such gratitude to see the rewards of connection, confidence, and success being played out in my life today.  I entered this group not knowing my true self-worth, having little to no goals, and when asked what I was passionate about did not have an answer.  Heidi and her diva’s loved me until I was able to love myself better!  Heidi has a rare gift to see in others what they are unable to see in their selves.  Through her trainings, seminars, mastermind group, and working with Heidi one on one I am doing things professionally as well as personally that I never would have allowed myself to try or think capable of in the past.  Heidi believed in me, empowered me, pushed me, mentored me, molded me, and always made me feel capable and important!  Today I have goals and dreams I believe I will aspire to.  Today, I am able to share with others what it is I am passionate about.  Being mentored and taught by Heidi has changed my entire perception on life and truly knowing we can have what we want when we believe we can!

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